February 7, 2013 Event

Another view on the Koh-I Nor Hotel

Today we would like to share with you some pictures of the hotel exteriors…

Recently, we revealed you the model room and the wellness area, it was time to show you the hotel otherwise than on architect plans!

Exteriors are being finalised.

Did you see the resemblance between the Koh-I Nor diamond and the hotel architecture?

Yes, we thought about everything… Just like the diamond, the hotel contains a lot of facets!

Today our efforts are concentrated on the interior of this rough diamond…

On these last weeks, teams have worked hard. The carpentry has begun on floor +3 and we just started the sealing of partitions on floor +4!

Meanwhile we continue to work on the future decoration.

You will soon discover new pictures of the hotel and works progression!

For curious and impatient people, pay attention to telediffusion screens at slopes feet in the 3 Valleys, you may see some more pictures.

See you soon.

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