Ski Luxury Hotels

Thierry Schoenauer and Frédéric Peltier met in 2000. The first one has created the group Chalet des Neiges, builder and manager of tourism residences in Val Thorens, Oz-en-Oisans and les Arcs. The second one is a lawyer and passionate about ski.
They have decided to join together to improve the property development of Chalet des Neiges group with the building of new 4-star residences and the launch of a major program on the Arc 2000 resort to finish the construction of the snow front.


Expert of mountain market, the 5-star hotel was an evidence to respond to the request of a customer more and more demanding and concerned about find exceptional products where service will be accurate and meet their expectations.

Lodge & Spa Collection was born, dedicated to the luxury hotel part of the group, developed according to this guideline.

The Lodge & Spa Collection History

The Koh-I Nor***** in an audacious challenge!

Located on the top of Val Thorens resort, the architectural choices were guided to let the maximum of natural light.

In harmony with the exceptional natural setting, the Koh-I Nor***** benefits of a wonderful panoramic view above the domain. This setting hotel inspired naturally the name of Koh-I Nor, which means “Mountain of Light” in Persian.

The interior decoration of the Koh-I Nor***** was carefully thought, with Indian and Tibetan touch, warm colours and common area covered with photographic works by Frédéric Lemalet who has lived in immersion in Tibet.
The Koh-I Nor***** offers you well-being, relaxation and an absolute fullness as soon as your entrance inside this jewel.

The Koh-I Nor***** was the first inaugurated in December 2013. The brand Lodge & Spa Collection follow its line of diamonds in majestic alpine sites.


The Taj-I Mah***** was built in 2016 in the highest resort les Arcs, in Arc 2000.

Its name means “Crown of the Moon” in Indian language. Widely inspired from Koh-I Nor, this human size boutique-hotek with its 45 rooms, becomes the first 5-star hotel of the ski area Paradiski.
Its location on slopes comes to draw the snow front of Arc 2000.


End of 2018, the Daria-I Nor, “Sea of Light”, located in Alpe d’Huez was the new architectural challenge.

Including a residence and a hotel, it is a complete offer of services, inherited from previous projects which permit to propose the first 5-star complex of the resort!

And for the spring 2020, L’Incomparable, one of the biggest diamond cut in the world, distinguish by its localisation but also by its architecture. Boutique-hotel of 15 rooms, based on the heights of the Lac du Bourget, Tresserve (Aix-les-Bains), they are exclusive large Suites with panoramic view on the lake and its preserved environment.

Lodge & Spa Collection it is the promise of a 5-star experience during which the time stops to think about only you, your comfort and your well-being.