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December 28, 2021 Event

For 2022, the entire Lodge & Spa Collection team simply wishes you the best.

A special year is coming to an end to give way to 2022, which promises to be full of hope and reunion, for Lodge & Spa Collection and for you, the prospect of new horizons to live moments that are as precious as ever.

Lodge & Spa Collection is the promise of a warm and tailor-made welcome, exceptional stays in our high-altitude hotels Koh-I Nor in Val Thorens, Taj-I Mah in Arc 2000 and Daria-I Nor in Alpe d’Huez, with the breathtaking snow-covered landscapes and the inspiring scenery of our Incomparable hotel on the shores of Lake Bourget and the joy of sharing moments of pure happiness with friends or family. It is also the discovery of extraordinary dishes made by our chefs, the intense well-being in our Spas with treatments from the prestigious Valmont and Phytomer brands, relaxation, laughter, activities for all and unforgettable memories. to have lived a magical parenthesis in our establishments.

2022 will be a renewal for us!

 Bursts of laughter, to dispel the gloom,

Boldness, to dare to invent and create differently,

Confidence, to fully develop,

Sweet treats, to enjoy life to the fullest,

Kindness, for the sake of giving to others,

Rays of hope, to illuminate our ideas and our mood,

Kindness, to move forward like an adventurer of the future!

Perseverance to bring projects to fruition.


On these riches that the New Year brings, it is with great pleasure that we wish you in unison a very happy new year 2022, filled with joy, small pleasures of life, galore laughter, moments to share and of course, exceptional stays in Alpine resorts in our Lodge & Spa Collection hotels.

Booking: Koh-I Nor Hôtel 5* Val Thorens / Taj-I Mah Hotel 5* Arc 2000 / Daria-I Nor Hôtel 5* Alpe d’Huez / L’Incomparable Hôtel 5* Aix les Bains Tél : +33 4 79 31 18 65
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