May 27, 2020 Relaxation Lounge

Regenerate your body and enrich your mind …

In a world where 75% of people live in cities, connected 24/7 and where hyper-stress threatens our health and well-being on a daily basis, we believe in getting back to basics; reconnection with nature and with yourself.

Black Diamond Luxury Spa from Incomparable, a new generation Spa:

Our wellness specialists invite you to take time out for yourself in order to rejuvenate and harmonize your body and mind. Through our massages and treatments, combining natural products and only manual techniques, we invite you to rediscover pure beauty and authentic well-being.

Our holistic approach to the human being and our vision of well-being in harmony with nature, are at the heart of our treatment protocols, personalized and tailor-made, to live an experience of total well-being.

Because real luxury is having the choice, Black Diamond Luxury Spa has chosen high-end partner brands with international renown: the Valmont and Phytomer.




BEAUTY BY THE SEA by Phytomer :

Made in Bretagne, for nearly 50 years, the family company PHYTOMER offer the skin all benefits of the sea, through natural, efficient and environmental friendly treatments to make you regain a healthy skin and to effectively reveal an authentic, natural and vibrant beauty.

Pioneer in responsible crops of seaweed and seaside plants, PHYTOMER has received the Ecovadis Gold CSR certification in 2019, which attests of the excellence of its environmental practices.

Signature Treatment

Your 100% personalized treatment, because everyone is unique! A holistic and individualized treatment protocol, combining lithotherapy, aromatherapy and sophrology technics, created by Total Wellness, to offer everyone the perfect massage in harmony with their physical and emotional desires and needs. This treatment is an ideal combination of absolute relaxation and deep muscle treatment according to your request. Our wellness specialists will to listen to you in order to provide you a unique wellness experience. Awaken your five senses, listen to your inner voice and welcome an intense relaxation. This incomparable massage will allow you to relax and to renew your energy. You will regain your inner calm while your body and mind are soothed and harmonised.

Here is a panel of gift ideas for the Mother’s Day on June 7, gift vouchers at the Black Diamond Luxury Spa.

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